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We know travel is a fun, exciting launch into the unknown. Along with that though, it can often bring a lot of questions and anxiety about that very unknown: where to go, what to do, who to trust. The list can be endless. We've compiled this guide to make travel for you an easy and fun activity, unhindered by such challenges. 

Travel Tips Hampi: What to do and not to do

Hampi Travel Guide: Bike, Auto and Car Rental in Hampi

There are several options to choose from in your travel to Hampi. Hospet junction is the main connection point for trains and buses. The airports at Torangallu and Hubli provide good air connectivity. Once you get to Hampi, there's another challenge: Hampi is spread over a 42 sq. km. zone. Wherever you stay, you will have to travel a some distances to visit all the monuments. So travel within Hampu becomes a very important consideration. Budget for this. Click here for some tips for travel in Hampi. 

Hampi Travel Guide: Food, ATMs, WIFI and Mobile Coverage

Worried about finding cash? We know about those 'secret ATMs' that won't be out of cash because few people know about them. Going into rural India has other issues: some service providers work in most places, others are a lot more difficult. We've listed out some tips for travel to Hampi that will make your holiday much smoother. Click here for more information on our tips for travel. 

Stay tuned as we bring you more location-specific guides!