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Thathachi Manai Dharma Stay

Sandanapalli, Tamil Nadu: Called 'Little Britain' for its picturesque countryside and pleasant weather, the area around this beautiful farmhouse is nestled about 90 minutes from Electronic City. A 6-acre farm overlooking a natural lake, it is idyllic for city-dwellers who want to get away from hectic schedules and get back in touch with nature. Wake up to the sounds of nature, and even some farm animals!

AD and Lalitha built this farmhouse as a legacy to leave behind for their children and grandchildren. It is constructed using traditional mud compacting techniques, with domed ceilings of mud bricks adding rustic beauty to the dwelling. Stone pillars surround a courtyard and the antique pieces that can be found throughout the homestay each have their own story to tell. AD loves to collect antique pieces and is particularly passionate about fossils. 

Social Impact

In all of our work, Dharma and our partners try to promote social development activities. AD and Lalitha promote education in the local village by conducting English language lessons. Their extended family of doctors works in the remote regions of the nearby bamboo forest to provide healthcare for the tribal peoples of the area. 

    Supreme Room

    • 1 double bed, 2 single beds.
    • Private bathroom with western closet.
    • Extra mattress available on extra charge.

    Basic Room

    • 1 double bed, 2 single beds, houses a total of 4 people,
    • Private bathroom with western closet on extra charge.


    Breakfast is not included in this package. All meals are provided on request. Please see, given below a sample of the menu types you would expect. 

    • Lunch: rice, rotis, sambar, rasam, curd, potato fry, veg kootu, beetroot/ cabbage with coconut and semia payasam,  chicken fry for nonveg. 
    • Dinner: mutton/vegetable kurma with parotas, curd rice, pickle, pudhina chutney.
    • Breakfast: idli, dosa chutney and sambar.

    All non-vegetarian meals should be mentioned 1 day before, so that we may check the local meat available

    Cost: Supreme Rooms INR 3500/- per night before taxes (of 18%)
    Total Capacity: Supreme Room 4 people + 1 extra mattress
    Cost: Basic Room INR 2750/- per night before taxes (of 18%)
    Total Capacity: Basic Room 2 people + 1 extra mattress
    Food: traditional, local, home-cooked. 

    INR 300/- per person for veg meals

    INR 400/-  for non-veg meals (please give us advanced notice of this)

    INR 150/-  for breakfast


    Private Bathroom

    Parking Yes
    Wifi No
    Pet Friendly Yes, but we make a polite request for you to follow the rules of your host regarding pets. 
    Other  None

Forest Fun

A bamboo forest is just 10 km away, home to a rich variety of flora and fauna, even local resident elephants! Take a drive or a walk through it at your leisure.

  • Cycling enthusiasts will find the winding roads of the forest, frequented by locals, perfect for their sport and may even get a chance at a forest tour if there is a guide available at the check-post. The roads are single-lane and tarred. 
  • Wildlife Photography: There is no denying that the bird songs would greet you as soon as you enter the forest. For those of you keen on finding the forests most beautiful little creatures, this is the place to visit!

Farm Life

  • Fruit trees: Take a walk through the farm and discover a variety of fruit trees, from special species of fig to tropical ones that you may have never come across before!
  • Greenhouse: Learn how vegetables are grown in a greenhouse (and, of course, outside of it!).


How do I get there?
We will share the exact location pin with you once we have received the payment. 

How far is it from Bangalore? 
The farmhouse is located 90 minutes from Electronic City.

How good are the roads?
They are either double-lane or single-lane tar roads with very few or no potholes. Even the local forest has good tar roads. 

What type of food can I expect?
We love to promote local, traditional, home-cooked food made with care. Expect South-Indian food, including rotis, chapathis, rice, sambar, various varieties of sabzi. There is also non-veg food available. We will inform you at your time of arrival of the type of meat that is locally available so that you can choose what suits you. 

Can I bring pets?
Yes, pets are allowed. But please note that there are some house rules regarding this:

·       Any mess that the pet makes inside the house should be cleaned by you. Local village sentiment does not permit us to request them to clean the pet's mess. We regret this inconvenience. 

·         Any damage caused by the pet must be reimbursed by you directly to the family. 

·         Please bring your own pet food as this may not be available in the village area. However, if your pet is used to homecooked food, we can provide it, and extra charges shall apply. 

Special Weekend Package

A weekend stay, with food and accommodation at: INR 9130/- before taxes (of 5%) for a family or group of 4. 


  • Food: 2 lunch meals, 1 breakfast and 1 dinner.
  • Tour: One farm tour with host.

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