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The Rural Side of Hampi: Connect to the Heart of India

The village of Hampi is everything rural, everything rustic, and everything simple and unpretentious. Its people, much like the land, are hardy, tough and beautiful. We ask you to join us in exploring the many wonderful facets of Hampi’s people.

1. Live a day in the life of an Indian farmer

India’s farmers make up the backbone of this country. Yet, many of us know little of their struggles, challenges and sacrifices. The importance of farmers in our life has been highly underrated even though they are the ones who put food on our table everyday.  Experience what it takes to be a farmer in Hampi by letting us plan the perfect rural Hampi experience for you.

2. Live a day in the life of a Hampi fisherman

The Thungabhadra River of Hampi is its lifeline in many ways. It supports not just agriculture in the region, but also a thriving fishing community. Morning and evening times bring the fishermen out on the river to lay out their nets and reel in the catch for the day.

Learn how to fish the traditional way with the local fishermen of Hampi. Book the best Hampi homestays near the river and experience Hamp iriver fishing with us.

3. Live a day in the life of a Hampi shephard

There are certain nomadic communities of Indian tribes that visit Hampi on a seasonal basis. They are invited to camp out on the fields, with herds of goats and other animals which provide soil enriching manure. Camp out in the fields. Explore Hampi with these nomads to know what their lifestyle really looks like.

4. Learn how to cook an authentic Hampi dish

If you are a real foodie and you love to cook, we welcome you to join us and exchange recipes with community members in Hampi. You will take away something that is memorable and something that you can recreate even at home.

5. Learn a craft

This is the perfect experience if you’re the sort of person who loves to create things. We will teach you to make a souvenir or, if you want to be more involved, to get a series of lessons on activities like pottery.

Contact us to know more.

Useful tips

Useful tips for those wanting to experience the rural Indian life:

1. Your wardrobe

As with any new place you visit, cultural differences will be one of the biggest challenges you face. Please keep in mind that women in rural Hampi wear the traditional saree. They do not wear revealing clothes and you will be expected to tone down your dress style to suit the culture you are visiting and tradition of Hampi.

2. Reading the ‘no’

‘No’ is not a word that is often used. It is important to read the ‘no’ through body language and context of the conversation. For example, if you ask someone to meet you in a certain place, at a certain time, and they respond by saying that they will have a very busy day, it probably means you will have to check with them once more to confirm your appointment. Otherwise, in all probability, it means they will not meet you.

3. Accepting invitations

It is often customary and polite to accept tea, coffee or snacks that are offered to you, even if you are not in any mood to have them. Have as little as you like, but have something that is offered as a gesture of kinship.

4. Eating with hands

Fingers were made before knives and forks and in India, we still use them to eat food. That means no knives and forks and certainly no chopsticks. You can, of course, ask for a spoon when eating something liquid like a sambar. There is an etiquette around eating with your hands. In a nutshell, you should eat with only one hand, preferably, your right hand; the food should not touch the palm of your hand, only your fingers.

Sure there are a few other customs and manners which might guide you through your stay in Hampi, but the above mentioned tips are the basics you should be keeping in mind for an authentic village experience if you choose to have an experience of the authentic Indian life.