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Solo and Group Women Traveler Tips to Hampi

Hampi is just the place to create some unforgettable memories with your girlfriends. Its relative safety as well as the friendliness of the community members makes it the perfect getaway for women travellers.

Here are some experiences that our women travellers have enjoyed:

1. Sunset coracle rides

There is nothing quite like going out on the Thungabhadra River to enjoy the natural beauty of Hampi as the sun sets. Whether you enjoy bird watching, fishing or just having a picnic on the river, we can organize this for you and make the Hampi travel experience the most memorable one for you.

Contact us! Our budget travel experiences around Hampi is planned to be kind to your wallet.

2. Shopping

There are quite a few women’s groups making handmade crafts in Hampi. Some use natural fibers available around the area while others carry on the traditions of their forefathers through their embroidery and artistry. One of these famous embroidery styles is “Banjara”,which is known for its mirror work, cross stich, patchwork and splashy colors. We aim to promote such art by helping the artists to connect to these artisans by enabling linkages to national and international markets. Shopping at Hampi Bazaar will not only get you some most antique and traditional articles which you can flaunt later, but also will help these artists to make the most of their livelihood. 

Contact us and we will take you on a unique shopping expedition around Hampi Bazaar or if you are a marketer wanting to connect with rural artisans, we will facilitate this for you.

3. Bicycle rides

The natural beauty of Hampi is best explored on a bicycle. Rolling hills and paddy fields make Hampi a perfect place for bicycle rides. We can map these out for you and your group, as per your budget, fitness level and convenience.

4. Treks along the river

Trekking around Hampi is a great way to explore some spectacular structures and monuments of Hampi. Not only this, you can also experience rock climbing and bouldering if you are up for some extra adventure

The paths and treks around Hampi are an especially fun way to discover its monuments; intricate carvings etched in solid granite rock come up unexpectedly in the boulders and rocks of the landscape.

Contact us to plan a trek for you.Join the adventure with us as we offer the best tourism packages around Hampi inclusive of  both historical and nature treks.

5. Yoga and meditation

There is a special energy around Hampi. Many visitors to the area say it and we’ve experienced it ourselves. The tranquility and peace of the area lends itself to meditation and yoga. If you are looking for a quiet getaway, just to think and relax, we can recommend the best spots and activities for you.

Useful tips for women travelers to Hampi

1. Know which side of the river you’re staying on

The monuments of Hampi are protected within a core zone of approximately 42 sq. km. The Thungabhadra River divides this area in two. One side falls in the district of Bellary, another in the district of Koppala. The Bellary district side has all the major monuments of historical significance. The area on the Koppal side has all the spiritually significant places such as the birthplace of Hanuman, the famed Kishkinda of Ramayana etc. Keep this in mind when you’re booking your tickets, whether by train, bus or air. Hospet, which is the best connected town by rail and road, falls on the Bellary side. If you have booked your accommodation on the Koppal side, it might be easiest to route your way to the town of Gangavathi, rather than Hospet. For more details on travel to and around Hampi, click here. The side of the river you’re staying on also affects your transportation around Hampi. Bikes hired on the Koppal side are not allowed on the Bellary side. You may be stopped if you try to break this rule. It’s better to plan your day properly and then hire your bike on the side you want to visit.

2. Traveling around Hampi for women

Depending on where you’re staying, you may have to cover distances of up to 20 km to get around Hampi. The best option for women travelers would be to hire an auto rickshaw or tuktuk. You could hire bikes too, but you will be stranded if you get a puncture.

3. Safety

Even though Hampi is very safe for women, we understand that safety will be on your mind. Make sure to let someone know where you are at all times. It is easy to get lost in Hampi’s hills, especially when you are trekking.

For more practical suggestions and travel tips around Hampi, check out our ‘Hampi Travel Guide’ section.