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How to Help: Coronavirus Crisis Volunteering for Karnataka and Bangalore, a Government Initiative


The Department of Information and Publicity (DIPR) has joined hands with The Indian Red Cross, Karnataka and Karnataka State Labour Institute (KSLI) in providing a platform to volunteers to fight against the coronavirus. 

We’re all grappling with the Coronavirus in India. On Sunday, March 22nd, many of us experienced our first lockdown. The country was silent for a day. Birdsong and the quiet peace of Nature replaced the hustle and bustle of human activity. As a result of Karnataka’s coronavirus response, Ugadi celebrations were muted. In subsequent days, India’s coronavirus response resulted in a complete lockdown. Travel in India has halted completely, with the travel industry being one of the hardest hit. 

Like many others in tourism we've stopped taking bookings. For those of you who planned to travel in India, this will come as no surprise, as we've already reached out to you. But we haven’t stopped working. We want to be a part of the solution. Our energy, resources and efforts will now focus on helping the government fight the coronavirus in any way possible.

So how to deal with the coronavirus in India? For those of you makers, doers, entrepreneurs and go-getters, volunteering to fight coronavirus in Bangalore and Karnataka is now available. The Government of India and its subsequent state governments have dealt with measures in various ways. Given below is the information we received from people spearheading the operations. Please read through it. Register to volunteer and fight the coronavirus, whether online or offline. If you're selected, you will be a part of the solution. 


How to volunteer in coronavirus crisis, a combined initiative of certain Karnataka Government departments and Red Cross


So here are two ways to volunteer in Karnataka and Bangalore:

1. Online Volunteering for the fight against Coronavirus 

This is mainly in digital media, telegram group or YouTube and moderate online platforms. 

It will be the front end of the digital media, to ensure accurate information is disseminated to the public. For example, you could moderate YouTube, be admin to group and manage it or answer queries asked if you are a doctor or an expert. 

2. On the field volunteering for the fight against Coronavirus 

This is also the role of the citizen reporter, especially for those of you who want to be mobile and go outside. Help the Indian Red Cross, the DIPR and KSLI by patrolling your locality and conveying anything that is of importance to the government. You may have to verify rumours, find out exactly what happened, and give evidence like photograph or video interview etc. You will be issued an ID card and provided training. 


FAQs for Volunteering to fight Covid-19 in Bangalore and Karnataka


We’ve already had people asking us some questions, and we’re providing the answers below. We’ll keep updating this space as more questions come in.

1. Will I get training?

Yes! You will issued an ID card and provided training on what needs to be done. 

2. How safe is it?

The online volunteering work would take place form home. In that regard, it’s as safe as home is. The field work involves going outside your home. Safety first is the motto here. This is a decision you would have to take yourself. Please don’t let this stop you from volunteering to fight coronavirus in Bangalore or even anywhere in Karnataka or India. Sign up to volunteer first, and then take a call on what will work best for you. You won’t know, until you can assess the situation for yourself. 

3. Can I just work out of my phone?

Yes, this is definitely possible. As long as you have access to an internet connection and a device to log on with, you’re good to go!

4. Are there time slots?

The need of the situation is such that we require as much of your time as possible. And we need as many of you as could spare the time. Some volunteering jobs, like monitoring online may require less time. Don’t let time constraints stop you! Please sign up/register for volunteering to fight coronavirus in Bangalore, Karnataka or anywhere in India. To fight against the coronavirus, we need as many people as possible. We’ll find a way!

5. Do I have to speak Kannada?

Not necessarily! It’s an added bonus, however, if you do know Kannada and other vernacular languages. 

6. How do we report online misinformation to the government? 

You’re in the right place! Register to volunteer online and it will help you spread and monitor the right information. If you have misinformation being spread that is really without any verification, then please do reach out to us. Read on, to find out how you can reach out. 

7. Is this just for Bangalore? 

No! Volunteering to fight covid-19 is for anyone in the state of Karnataka. The coronavirus pandemic in India knows no boundaries. Neither does our unity and solidarity. Other state governments may have their own volunteer-to-fight-coronavirus initiatives. As and when we find this out, we will update the information on our website. 

8. Do I have to volunteer for more than 60 days? 

We are yet to mobilize people, volunteering time and requirements. Stay tuned for more information here. Once you've signed up, and if you are selected as a volunteer to fight coronavirus, you will be able to get more clarity on how much time may be needed. 

9. What is needed to sign up for volunteering to fight coronavirus in Bangalore and Karnataka?

Sign-up online at the link provided below. 


How to sign-up to volunteer for the fight against coronavirus 


1. Just register on the link provided here:


You will need: a photo of yourself, your Aadhar Card Number, your current address and a brief of your work experience. Upon successful registration to be a volunteer to fight coronavirus in Bangalore and Karnataka, here is what you will get:

‘Thanks! We have received your submission. If you are shortlisted, one of our local officers will contact you.’

2. Appropriate representatives will get back to you shortly. They will send information relevant to your area. 


Have more queries on how to volunteer to fight coronavirus?


1. Leave a comment on the relevant Facebook post on our page here and we’ll get back to you with the answer as soon as possible. 

2. Leave a comment on the relevant LinkedIn Page post here and we'll get back to you with the answer as soon as possible. 

3.     Alternatively, send us a WhatsApp or an SMS message here: +91 9482291780 and we’ll get back to you immediately. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this, for volunteering to fight the coronavirus and for being a part of the solution. Your country owes you a debt of gratitude. 

Disclaimer: Please note, that this is the information at hand as of March 26th. We are just volunteering to help, at a time when everyone wants to be a part of the solution and not the problem. We are gathering reliable information regarding how you can work with the government. As soon as we get more info, we will update this space.