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Hampi Travel Guide: Food, Wifi, ATMs & Mobile Coverage in Hampi


You can get several types of cuisines in Hampi. It is not uncommon to find dishes of Spanish, Italian, Israeli and German origin on the menus of Hampi’s restaurants. Admittedly, they are usually a fusion of Indian and other cuisines and they make for unique dishes. The staple meal of Hampi’s people usually consists of chapati (a flatbread made of wheat flour) that is eaten with curry. This is finished off with rice accompanied by dal  (a type of soupy-stew made of pulses rich in protein). Special dishes are made during festival days. These are usually unique to each festival. The food, especially the sweets that are made, are some of the most delicious dishes you can taste around Hampi. Have you tried Mirchi bhagi with vagarni or Jola roti with yenagayi? What about all the laddus that are made during the festival of Naga Panchami? Or how about the kadabu that is made during the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi because it is the favorite dish of Lord Ganesha?

Want to taste some of these local dishes and enjoy the local cuisine? Contact us.

Useful tips

When sightseeing, there will be stretches within the core or protected zone of Hampi, where there is no availability of food. If you are a diabetic or have other special health requirements, we advise you to carry your food or special dietary requirements with you. There are groups of vendors at the parking lot near Virupaksha Temple that sell water and snacks. This would be the best place to replenish your supplies before heading off to other monuments. We request you to avoid buying plastic water bottles as much as possible, as these are not eco-friendly. Coconut water is a really good substitute for water that is also eco-friendly.

ATMs that Actually Give you Cash

There are three places where you will find ATMs in the entire protected core-zone of Hampi: one Axis Bank ATM in the village of Anegundi, a Canara Bank ATM in the village of Kaddirampura that is in front of Virupaksha Temple and a few ATMs in the little township of Kamlapura. If you love to shop, it may be better to carry cash, as you will not find very many places that accept cards.

Mobile or Cellphone

Due to a lack of cellphone towers in the protected zone, there is very poor connectivity in Hampi. Local cellphone service providers such as Airtel, Vodafonea nd Idea do not give good coverage. You will find it a challenge to stay in touch with people when sightseeing. The only service providers with reasonably good coverage areBSNL  and Jio. If you can manage a BSNL connection, this is the best way to keep in touch with loved ones when visiting Hampi. Kamlapura is the only place in the entire protected zone that will give good reception for all service providers, so make sure to time your calls for when you are in this little township.


A lot of restaurants do have a Wifi connection, but not all of the hotels in Hampi will have them. Check with your accommodations or homestay to find out what is available.